Case Studies

Liquid Hammer & Damaged Pipe Repair

  • Liquid hammer caused significant pipe movement at the expansion loop.

  • Damaged pipe shoes removed to install enclosures at two locations.

  • Flair line integrity restored, supported by engineering line lifting.


Terminal Rack - Delaware, USA

  • 568 pipe touchpoints lifted and repaired in 7 weeks.

  • Installed new ware pads whilst terminal was active.

  • Crew of 5 technicians using 12 Multi Jacks.

Rope Access On 4" Glycol Line

  • Uni Jacks utilized at 2nd and 3rd level of pipe rack.

  • Eliminated the need for a crane or scaffold at 80 locations.

  • Significant cost savings improved safety and increased productivity.


14" Crude Oil Line

  • 183 pipe touchpoints lifted over 6 weeks.

  • 17 major findings (wall loss of >50% net wall thickness).

  • 10 minor findings (wall loss <50% net wall thickness).

High Pressure Tank Farm

  • 1,200 pipe touchpoints serviced within 3 months.

  • Wall thickness readings taken at each touchpoint.

  • Touchpoints and I-beams sandblasted and re-coated.

  • Teflon ware pads installed at all touchpoints.


Rope Access on 16" Flare

  • Engineered Line Lifting Provides Safe Access for Direct NDE Assessment of Damage

  • Assessment of Touchpoint Corrosion damage at 24 locations along 16” Flare System​

  • Inspection, Rope Access, Innovative Lifting Technology