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Engineering Services

Ovolifts has a centralized engineering support team that allows us to serve our clients globally with consistency while maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

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An engineered approach to line lifting is the core of our methodology to ensure pipeline integrity.

Leveraging our years of experience of on-stream lifting, our engineering staff work together with our clients and partners to determine the most effective approach for successfully completing a project.

Many of our projects can consist of hundreds of touchpoints on a pipe rack which are lifted over the course of weeks and months, with up to 20 touchpoints or more elevated at any given time. Other projects may only involve only a single touchpoint but require lifting from multiple adjacent supports to ensure the line stays within defined stress limits.


All projects require comprehensive planning to coordinate equipment and personnel with our goal to support our customers on a path to success by providing Lift Plans, Pipe Stress Analyses and custom engineering services when required.


A Lift Plan is an engineered document defining the lifting configuration and lifting curves taking into account actual site conditions and may be supported by a Pipe Stress Analysis in projects where line integrity is a concern during lifting.

A Pipe Stress Analysis is a flexibility review of a line that determines fitness for lifting. It takes into account the pipe design and operating conditions while also considering the lifting heights required. Greater lifting heights add additional stress to the line making this an important consideration in cases where line integrity is already compromised.

We also provide other engineering services such as designing custom attachments and landing brackets for all types of unique lifting scenarios.