Innovative & engineered pipe rack jacks

We have three purpose-built tools designed for three unique lifting scenarios, the common denominator across the tools is the use of the same lifting arrangement which is patent protected.

Ovolifts Multi-Jack - Pipe Rack Jack - Pipe Lift - Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS) - Touchpoint Corrosion

Our pipe lifting tools are a key component of our lifting solution

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The Mega-Jack is our heavy lift tool for larger single or multiple industrial pipes. It lifts 44,000 lbs (20 tons) or more from a single support beam.

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The Multi-Jack is our medium-lift tool. It can lift 22,000 lbs (10 tons) or more from a single support beam.

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The Uni-Jack is our lightweight lifting tool for smaller individual pipes and has a 2,200 lbs (1 ton) lifting capacity.

We work with your plant maintenance contractor to engineer a safe lifting solution, providing clearance between the pipe and the entire top section of the pipe support whilst the lines are in-service.

This gives free access to conduct maintenance in a single step. Our system achieves lifting heights of up to 6” (project specific for greater heights), ideal to perform NDT, maintenance or improvements.


Lifting is done remotely using hydraulic rams to avoid personnel exposure and risks. The lift is then vertically secured, declared a static structure (rather than a suspended load) and therefore safe to conduct work underneath.

Our solution is adapted to specific regulations applicable to your jurisdiction and plant environment and we are effective advocates for safe, cost-effective operations on live equipment.

  • Comprehensive operational oversight

  • Thorough upfront engineering analysis

  • Potential deviation analysis and jack locations

  • Safe jacking procedures

  • Personnel training

  • Client safety & general safety procedures

  • Emergency & safety management

A complete lifting solution for you and your client