We provide a proven and safe global solution for in-service pipeline inspections and maintenance programs, deferring asset replacement and costly shutdowns.

OVOLIFTS' unique and patented technology was developed in conjunction with the petro-chemical industry for providing safe access to multiple contact areas in a live environment. This pioneering development enables inspection and corrosion prevention maintenance on multiple CUPS whilst the pipes are in-service and averts costly plant shutdowns or extended turnarounds. 


No Cranes: Expensive, inflexible, cumbersome.

Remote Lifting: Initial lift is done remotely, personnel stand aside and approach only after the area is declared safe.

Static Structures: Threaded lockout bars provide a hard-stop that is configurable and its dual-action also classifies the load as temporarily supported.

Multiple/Single Lines: Ability to safely lift an entire pipe rack in one operation, even with complicated pipe configurations and routings.

Lifting from the Support: No clearance required beneath the pipe supports, often needed by an equivalent pipe rack jack. This enables ground level-lifts and lifting without an above rack, structure or crane.

In-service Experience: Experience with live-pipes and emergency response procedures.


Learn more about pipe corrosion, our capabilities and new strategies for preventing and rectifying Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS).

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