Defer Asset Replacement and Plant Shutdowns: Easier, Safer, Faster

OVOLifts' unique and patented technology allows access to multiple work areas whilst the equipment is in-service, giving plant engineers and contractors critical information on pipe condition and access to perform maintenance.

Why is this so valuable? Because it enables a plant to advance their pipe and cable rack maintenance programs from reactive to planned footings.

Reactive maintenance pushes aside planned maintenance and often results in emergency work outside of plant turnarounds. It is also costlier because emergency repairs are difficult to diagnose, budget and execute, whereas planned maintenance tasks are less work intensive.

The solution enables operators to address corrosion problems before they become critical by enabling the maintenance of pipe infrastructure within engineered stress curves whilst the lines are in-service.

OVOlifts solution summary

  • Provides access to multiple CUPS across the same pipe rack for inspection and maintenance

  • Remote hydraulic lifting

  • Synchronized lifting of entire pipe rack

  • Lifting of selective lines only

  • Non-suspended loads with a static structure

  • Access to corrosion at the supports - practically anywhere

  • Global capabilities of mobilizing personnel and equipment

  • Comprehensive Engineering & HSE Support

the Benefits to plant operators

  • Significant cost savings

  • Timely access to corrosion at the supports

  • Quantified information & maintenance

  • Greatly reduce unexpected failures and production downtime

  • Extend asset life, deferring pipe replacement

the benefits to contractors

  • Cost advantages and unique service offerings to your clients

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