Extend the service life of your pipe infrastructure safely and cost-effectively

Corrosion at the Pipe Supports

Many plant operators face known and unknown risks concerning the integrity of support contact areas especially in older plants. This is commonly referred to as CUPS (Corrosion Under Pipe Supports).

Pipe Supports

Pipe Supports

Cable Rack Supports

Cable Rack Supports

Supports are exposed to galvanic corrosion which reduces pipe wall thickness over time and eventually results in safety risks to the environment and plant personnel. Without intervention a line will eventually require replacement in a shutdown situation. Traditional methods of gaining access to these areas whilst the lines are in-service are costly and involve considerable risks.

The OVOLifts solution is a proven, agile alternative that can be globally deployed safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Reactive vs proactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is a problem because it pushes aside proactive maintenance and often results in emergency work outside of plant turnarounds. Reactive maintenance is also more costly than proactive maintenance because repairs are difficult to diagnose, budget and execute, whereas proactive maintenance tasks are planned and the work less intensive.

Our solution enable operators to address corrosion problems before they become critical and result in an emergency shutdown, an extended turnaround or the need to replace a line.

Proactive maintenance of pipe infrastructure requires the ability to lift an entire pipe rack within engineered stress curves whilst the lines are in-service. The OVOLifts Multi-Pipe Lifter is the ONLY tool on the market capable of doing this and our intellectual property provides us the exclusive ability of doing this into the future.

Overview of our tools

We have three purpose-built tools designed for three unique lifting scenarios, the common denominator across the tools is the use of the same lifting arrangement which is patent protected.

Our Mega-Pipe Lifter is the only system in the market capable of lifting very large pipes resting on ground-level supports. To execute this lift otherwise would require a crane at a substantially higher cost and this method is inefficient. It is also capable in its minimum configuration of lifting 40,000 lbs of multiple pipes on a rack from one pipe support, and a higher tonnage if additional jacks are added to the lifting pipe.

The Multi-Pipe Lifter is a lighter, more versatile and easier to handle device for lifting an entire pipe rack or selected pipes from a support.

The Uni-Pipe Lifter is used to lift individual pipes and is exceptionally light and quick to install.

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