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Our training programs, both classroom and practical based are designed to give technicians the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently execute a project.

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On-site, remote and video training capabilities provides your technicians with the necessary skills.

Our expertise in on-stream line lifting comes from a combined many years of experience working and training in these fields. The end result provides your technicians with the optimum level of expert instruction along with theoretical and practical training.

Upon completion of our training, technicians are able to:

  • Gather relevant site information which is later used to compile a Lift Plan.

  • Adhere to the instructions of a Lift Plan as it pertains to a specific configuration of lines and sizes.

  • Interpret a lifting configuration diagram and execute line lifting procedures.

  • Understand and execute a lifting sequence to maintain a defined pipe stress curve.

  • Understand and execute a lifting schedule on projects where multiple supports require lifting.

  • Safely handle and operate the jacks and hydraulic systems.

  • Identify risks and potential hazards at all stages of a project.

  • Ensure safety at all times.​​