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Engineered Line Lifting

Uniquely Enabling On-Stream Touchpoint Access

A proven global solution for on-stream pipe inspection and remediation programs.

Ovolifts has a unique and patented technology developed in conjunction with the petro-chemical industry for providing safe access to multiple pipe touchpoints in live environments.

Ovolifts | Rope Access | Engineered Line Lifting | Touchpoint Corrosion

Recent Project Achievements

Touchpoint Corrosion Project in Seadrift, TX

Rope access inspectors utilized Ovolifts pipe rack jacks to access a 4” line for direct assessment inspections at pipe supports for touchpoint corrosion.


Deploying Ovolifts technology over the two month project eliminated the need for scaffolding and cranes, saving the end-client over $500,000.

Assuring Asset Integrity

Our pipe lifting systems enable inspection and corrosion prevention maintenance on multiple pipe touchpoints whilst the lines are on-stream and averts costly plant shutdowns or extended turnarounds.


Remote Lifts.jpg

Remote Lifting

Lifting is done remotely using hydraulic allowing personnel stand at a safe distance.

Multiple Pipes.png

Lift Multiple Pipes

Lift any number of lines on a pipe rack in a single lifting operation.

Lift from support.png

Lift From The Supports

No clearance is required beneath the supports, replacing traditional pipe rack jacks.

static structue2.png

Static Structure

Eliminates suspended loads by positively restricting the jacks stroke.

Why Ovolifts?

Increased Productivity.png



Lift multiple lines on a pipe rack and gain access to multiple pipe touchpoints.

Improved Safety.png



Plant safety is improved by eliminating hazards and implementing safety measures.

no crane.png



Cranes are costly, have a large operating footprint and introduce safety hazards.




Our pipe jacks are proven safe to use on pipes which are in-service.

Ovolifts' unique and patented technology allows access to multiple work areas whilst the equipment is on-stream, giving plant engineers and contractors critical information on pipe condition and access to perform maintenance.


Why is this so valuable? Because it enables a plant to advance their pipe and cable rack maintenance programs from reactive to planned footings.

Reactive maintenance pushes aside planned maintenance and often results in emergency work outside of plant turnarounds. It is also costlier because emergency repairs are difficult to diagnose, budget and execute, whereas planned maintenance tasks are less work intensive.

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