Our Mega-Jack is the only pipe jack in the market capable of lifting very large pipes resting on ground-level supports.


To execute these lifts otherwise would require a crane at a substantially higher cost and inefficiency.


It is capable of lifting single or multiple pipes from ground-level supports or pipe racks.


  • Lift individual or multiple pipes.​

  • Remote hydraulic lifting (optional).

  • Manual lifting using ratchet.

  • Double mechanical lockout.

  • Lift selected pipes on a rack or skip pipes using shims.

  • Lifts any diameter pipe.

  • Can lift pipes up to 4 inches from a H254 beam, custom lifting configurations can provide greater clearances.

  • Handling weight is 44 lbs per arm.

  • Safe max. lifting capacity is 44,000 lbs (20 tons) per touchpoint using two jacks, lifts more using additional devices.

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