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Rope Access On 4" Glycol Line

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The customer had a 4" line traversing the plant for over 4,000ft that was in need of inspection due to corrosion under pipe supports. This was identified during preliminary inspections using guided wave/bulk wave assessment. It was determined that a direct assessment inspection was required at each support via rope access crews to reduce cost and improve safety.

All pipe was located in the second and third levels of the pipe rack which was lifted at multiple locations in a single lift to expose inspection points across 8 beams at once. Each jack was lifted 4" and locked out creating a temporary support. The need to lower the jacks at the end of each shift was eliminated, allowing sufficient time for the coatings to cure over night.

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A pipe stress analysis ensured proper stress curves on the pipe were maintained throughout the project to maintain the integrity of the piping system and to minimize risk.

Crews applied coating with inhibitors to add additional protection against future corrosion. Composite resting pads were installed to accommodate further pipe movement on the support without causing wear on the pipe.


Rope access reduced risks associated with climbing and working from scaffolds. Our system also reduced risks associated with overhead lifts and provided a secure lockout for elevated loads.

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Cost Savings (reported by the contractor)

Rope access eliminated the need for scaffolds at 80 locations, a cost saving of $490,000

The need for a crane was also eliminated providing additional cost savings:

- Crane cost: $18,700.00

- Operator cost $20,800.00

- Rigging cost $15,552.00

Value added

Access to multiple locations during a single lift (8 supports) for improved efficiency. The footprint on site was reduced since no crane or scaffold was required and the lockout mechanism creates a static structure allowing the pipe to be elevated for longer periods of time.

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