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Our tools were designed to provide safe access to pipe touchpoints, no matter the pipe size, layout or type of inspection or repair procedure.

Compromised Integrity At Pipe Touchpoints


Failed Teflon Pads

Non-metallic pads are in most cases crucial for disrupting metal to metal contact between the pipe and support. This can lead to problems such as Corrosion Under Pipe Supports.


Pipe Movement

Excessive pipe movement without an appropriate support mechanism to protect the pipe can cause erosion and hence reduce the remaining wall thickness of the pipe.

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Water Entrapment

One of the most prevalent challenges on piping systems is Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS) caused by water entrapment at the pipe touchpoint.

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Liquid Hammer

Tremendous forces are at play during liquid hammer events which can cause significant pipe movement and corresponding damage, especially at the supports.

When To Call Ovolifts

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Over Water Lifts

Lifting of lines on supports over open water such as midstream marine terminals that prevent ground-level access. These environments may also lack above supporting structures to lift from without additional costly rigging. Our tools can be assembled using access from above the rack only so there's no need to provide costly access from below.

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On-Stream Lines

Certain jack safety features and safety procedures enables lifting lines that are in-service, greatly increasing the available time window for maintenance. Ovolifts has years of experience and expertise in lifting in-service lines. We make sure your lines are lifted safely, protecting personnel, equipment and the environment.

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Large Diameter Lines

Lifting large lines up to or even greater than 60" diameter while full of product. With a pipe stress review we can calculate the exact weight of the line when lifted to ensure we remain within the lifting capacities of the pipe jacks and evaluate the resultant loads on existing pipe supports.

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Stress Critical Lines

Every job has it's unique needs. One of them is ensuring fitness for lifting to ensure pipe integrity. This may be the case when wall loss due to corrosion is a factor, or maybe there are branching connections or equipment acting as a fixed point along the line. A stress analysis will evaluate these factors to ensure the line can be lifted safely to the desired height.

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Multiple Lines

Concurrent lifting of 2 or more lines across multiple supports is easily achieved using our jacks. This increases job productivity and reduces man hours on site. In cases where multiple supports need lifting to provide access for numerous inspection and remediation activities, we are experienced with developing lifting programs that optimize equipment and personnel resources. 

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Ground-Level Lifts

No need for your conventional pipe jacks or pillow bags which are unsafe and require additional rigging/cribbage. Our pipe rack jacks lift directly from the existing support of any shape or size, whether it be an I-beam, channel beam, concrete or circular support.

Rope Access

Rope access methods are effective at reducing costs associated with providing safe access on structures above ground, which is traditionally achieved using scaffolds.


With a large portion of piping infrastructure located in multi-level pipe racks, rope access methods are significantly reducing costs of performing maintenance and inspection work on pipe touchpoints.

Our pipe rack jacks were designed with rope access in mind by minimizing weights and providing fixed tether points on the components to allow technicians to easily hoist, handle and operate the tools.

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