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Decades of experience developing engineered lifting solutions to the petrochemical industry,

driven by a non-stop curiosity to do things better and safer.

Our backstory, our future.

The relative isolation of Southern Africa combined with its industrial advancement has been the mother of much innovation in this region over the years. This is the origin story of Ovolifts and it is interwoven with Sasol going onstream in South Africa during the 1950’s as the world’s first and only commercial coal to liquid synfuels facility.

The founders of Ovolifts were part of the Sasol industrial economy, providing maintenance contracting services to them and other petrochemical plants over the years. Many of these involved developing custom lifting solutions for plant facilities, (pipes, cable trays, tanks and other equipment) in what is a sulphur-rich, corrosive environment.


By the turn of the century it was becoming increasingly challenging to complete all necessary remedial actions during regularly planned shutdowns and the petrochemical plant operators reached out to us to develop new tools and procedures to allow safe lifting of multiple lines for addressing corrosion at the pipe supports whilst the plants remained onstream.


The result of this was our unique design for the Ovolifts jacking system, which we proved in South Africa, patented and introduced to the North American market through our office in Houston Texas.


We have since gained trusted partners and introduced the technology to Europe, Brazil, the Arabian Gulf countries, Australia and Malaysia/Singapore and our ability to support our engineered lifting solutions has expanded greatly.

Providing innovative engineered touchpoint access and pipeline intervention lifting solutions are our passion. Call us and you will understand why.

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