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Ovolifts | Safety | Risk Analysis | Hazard Mitigation


Our engineered line lifting program is engineered to be safe during all stages of work, from planning through to demobilization of equipment.

Safe access to pipe touchpoints

The years of experience our company and staff have gained during the many projects completed over the years has helped us become industry leaders in providing safe access to pipe touchpoints, protecting personnel, equipment and the environment.

Our pipe jacks and supporting equipment are routinely inspected and load tested to ensure compliance with any and all local and plant regulations & requirements.

All our tools are hydraulically activated which allows personnel to be at a safe distance away from the equipment during the critical lift. Our pipe jacks also feature a mechanical locking mechanism that vertically secures the jacks to create a temporary pipe support thereby eliminating any suspended loads.

Credit to our exemplary safety record is not only due to our proprietary pipe rack jacks but also to the engineering, procedures and safety measures we've implemented that ensure on-stream lines can be lifted safely and efficiently outside of a turnaround.

We understand the unique risks associated with any job and assist our clients with identifying these risks to develop solutions that effectively mitigate them. Whether it be providing safe access to crews working at heights or developing an emergency response plan in case of a leak, Ovolifts has the experience and expertise to ensure the protection of plant, personnel and the environment.

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