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Lift Planning

An Engineered Approach To Line Lifting Is The Core Of Our Methodology To Ensure Pipeline Integrity.

Leveraging our years of experience of on-stream lifting, our engineering staff work together with our clients and partners to determine the most effective approach for successfully completing a project.

Many of our projects can consist of hundreds of touchpoints on a pipe rack which are lifted over the course of weeks and months, with up to 20 touchpoints or more elevated at any given time. Other projects may only involve single touchpoints but require lifting from multiple adjacent supports to ensure the line stays within defined stress limits.


All projects require comprehensive planning to coordinate equipment and personnel and our goal is to support our customers on a path to success by providing Lift Plans, Pipe Stress Analyses and custom engineering services when required.


A Lift Plan is primarily used to develop a procedure for providing safe access to the target touchpoint/s, keeping in mind pipe stresses, lifting clearances required for inspection & repairs, resource coordination, timelines and safety.


Secondarily it defines lifting configuration and lifting curves. It includes line weight calculations to ensure loads remain within the operating limits of the lifting equipment and is used for work flow management to coordinate site activities such as lifting, inspection and repairs.


It considers  actual site conditions and may be supported by a Pipe Stress Analysis in projects where line integrity is a concern during lifting.


Pipe Stress Analyses

It is our commitment to provide comprehensive analysis and design services with an unsurpassed level of engineering integrity and skill.

Line lifting imposes a deflection which introduces stresses into the piping system that are greater the normal operating load case or resting case. A pipe stress analyses is critical for ensuring the proposed lift heights won't introduce stresses that are above the allowable code limits.


Ovolifts has in depth experience with pipe stress analyses as it relates to line lifting by understanding the unique correlation between a Lift Plan and Stress Analyses.


A Pipe Stress Analysis is a flexibility review of a line that determines fitness for lifting. It takes into account the pipe design and operating conditions while also considering the lifting heights required. Greater lifting heights add additional stress to the line making this an important consideration in cases where line integrity is already compromised.

Industry Codes and Standards adhered to by our Designers

ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 & B31.8

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Project Management

Our knowledgeable support team has the ability to serve our clients at every stage of a project from planning through completion.


Our years of experience supporting contractors with on-stream line lifting has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has positioned us as industry experts in the field of engineered line lifting.

We have experienced staff capable of supporting contractors and their customers with the following:

  • Conducting site visits to develop safe lifting strategies that support the required remedial activities.


  • Providing consultative site support both on-site and remote.

  • Participate in risk reviews, planning, scheduling and estimating with contractors and their customers.

  • Best practices support to improve safety, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Adhere to site specific rules and regulations.

  • Promote safety at all times.

Ovolifts Training | Safety | Pipe Rack Jack | Technicians | Contractor | Engineered Line Lifting


On-site, remote and video training capabilities provides your technicians with the necessary skills.

Our expertise in on-stream line lifting comes from a combined many years of experience working and training in these fields. The end result provides your technicians with the optimum level of expert instruction along with theoretical and practical training.

Upon completion of our training, technicians are able to:

  • Gather relevant site information which is later used to compile a Lift Plan.

  • Adhere to the instructions of a Lift Plan as it pertains to a specific configuration of lines and sizes.

  • Interpret a lifting configuration diagram and execute line lifting procedures.

  • Understand and execute a lifting sequence to maintain a defined pipe stress curve.

  • Understand and execute a lifting schedule on projects where multiple supports require lifting.

  • Safely handle and operate the jacks and hydraulic systems.

  • Identify risks and potential hazards at all stages of a project.

  • Ensure safety at all times.​​

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