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Aggressive galvanic corrosion caused serious wall loss at multiple pipe touchpoints as well as damage to the concrete supports along a primary crude oil feed pipe to a facility. Risks of major leaks in several places meant the plant faced the possibility of a shutdown if not addressed.

Inspection of the 14” crude line identified 17 major findings (wall loss of >50% net wall thickness) and 10 minor findings (wall loss <50% net wall thickness).

183 touchpoints were lifted and serviced in just 6 weeks using 30 Ovolifts jacks and a crew of 6 technicians. Providing access to multiple touchpoints provided continuous access for crews to perform remedial work.

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A pipe stress analysis was conducted to determine allowable pipe bending profiles.

Because of the risk of exposing a leak, all break away lifts were done remotely using hydraulics which ensured all personnel could stand at a safe distance. After performing the breakaway lift, safety crews inspected the touchpoints to verify no leaks were present before work was allowed to continue.

Providing access for maintenance using conventional equipment such as cranes or chain-blocks would have been costly and unsafe, especially on this live pipe which had substantial wall losses.

All major findings were mitigated by installing a reinforced composite wrap and a wear pad. All other touchpoints that did not have external corrosion issues were protected against future corrosion of the pipe by just installing a ware pad.

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