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Multiple Lines On Round Supports


The Need & Challenge

Multiple gas lines running across 8" circular supports were in need of touchpoint inspection and repairs to not only quantify the extent of the damage but to also carry out repairs and install corrosion mitigation pads to limit further damage.

The lines are in an area with soft ground condition making vehicle access a challenge which also excludes the use of using a crane to do the lifts.


Solution & Outcome

The Multi-Jack was erected directly onto the existing 8" round supports using adapting brackets. A total of 4 lines were lifted simultaneously providing free access to all 4 touchpoints on the support being lifted as well as the 4 touchpoints on both adjacent supports for a total of 12 touchpoints accessed in a single lift.


Sandblasting and painting crews could also access the entire top section of the supporting beams so a significant amount of time was saved performing repairs in a single step across 3 supports.

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